Johnny Constantine On March - 13 - 2012
Inure - The Offering.

Inure - The Offering.

On their newest release ‘The Offering,’ Inure shows once again that they are among the few groups that can successfully breed danceable aggrotech with angst filled industrial metal. It may seem like a simple feat if both types of music are mixed in moderation, but Inure composes from the heart of both styles. Every instrument plays a wide range of roles. The vocals range from eerie whispers to hateful shrieks to somber singing. The synths and guitars switch roles with each other: sometimes the guitar, not the synths, provide the ambience and the synths will provide the riffs. The sound that really defines the band, however, is when the synths and guitars hammer away on the same notes together, driving the melody even harder.  ‘Mind Killer,’ really embodies the sound of the album, with all of the above traits present in one catchy but profound revenge anthem. Their first single from this album, ‘This Is the Life,’ is catchy but seething song that employs sharp synths, an up-tempo upbeat, and angry shrieks. Other tracks like ‘The Strange’ are much more experimental, using unexpected key changes on ambient drums to create somber, grooving feeling. Most of the tracks still stick to the paradigm, which is surprisingly well defined despite being so broad. All the detailed layering and extra effort definitely takes a few listens to register, but it definitely pays off. Frontman Adam M has an amazing hold on all the different approaches he takes and all three members of the band do well piecing their parts together. This band is definitely worth keeping an eye on; their creative, experimental approach not only defines their sound, but defies normal boundaries of genres. The countless different approaches they take through just three instruments (vocals included) really speaks for their mastery composition as well as raw talent.

Inure – The Offering is available now via Metropolis Records.

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